Italian Spiderman

Character Name

Franco Franchetti
Italian Spiderman


Personal Data

Franco Franchetti, or Italian Spiderman, is a fat, rude superhero
who protects a valuable asteroid from the devious Captain Maximum.
He is a heavy smoker and extraordinarily powerful, not to mention a
talented surfer and penguin whisperer.

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Italian Spiderman

Powers and Abilities

Italian Spiderman's powers include:

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Professor Bernardi

Professor Bernardi obtains an astroid from a far-off galaxy and
entrusts it to Italian Spiderman. He is then is turned into a
snake by Captain Maximum. Maximum later forces the professor
to use the astroid's power of duplication for him. Captain
Maximum then shoots and kills Professor Bernardi.

Professor Bernardi
Professor Bernardi


After Captain Maximum chalanges Italian Spiderman to a surfing
contest for the astroid, he discovers that Franco is a far superior
surfer. Maximum then attempts to win by cheating, but fails because
Italian Spiderman summons penguins by blowing a conch. The
penguins then overpower Captain Maximum and his allies by
throwing themselves at the criminals.

I summon pengins!
Summoning Penguins


Captain Maximum

Leombruno Tosca, or Captain Maximum, is an underhanded criminal
whose goal is to secure the astroid that Italian Spiderman protects.
This astroid contains a syrum that can duplicate people. Maximum
tries and fails several times to take this, but finaly succeeds after
tranquilizing Italian Spiderman. He then has the professor unlock its
power and then kills him. Finaly, his headquarters are shut down by
Italian Spiderman.

Captain Maximum
Captain Maximum