Skiing is a very popular sport in the city of Espoo. Espoo maintains over 200km of skiing track. 60km of the tracks are illuminated. The tracks are open 1-3 days after snowfall. More info on skiing in Espoo is available at The condition of the tracks is updated at

Adventure Park Huippu

Adventure Park Huippu is a harnessed treetop adventure in the Leppävaara district of Espoo. The park features tunnels, crossings, bridges and ziplines from 6 to 18 meters high. The full experience lasts roughly two hours, and there is plenty to do in the surrounding woods. All adventurers are required to wear a safety helmet and harness. Further information can be found at their website,


Espoo has a total of 21 beaches, 11 by the sea and 10 by a lake. In total, Espoo has a total of 58 kilometers of shoreline and 95 lakes. 7 of the 21 beaches are supervised. All of the beaches have nearby bathroom. The Supervision of Espoo beaches provides current information on the states of the beaches here. A service map for locating the beaches is available at


Fishing licenses can be purchased online at As a non-resident of Espoo, costs for trolling licenses are as follows: