Hotel Korpilampi

Hotel Korpilampi is located in the Korpilampi area of Espoo. The hotel has a total of 151 rooms, 103 double rooms and 48 family rooms. All the rooms have a shower, bathroom, and a TV. The hotel also has three saunas, a swimming pool, a jacuzzi, and a children's pool. The price includes a breakfast buffet, the sauna and pool, and free parking. More info can be found at Hotel Korpilampi can be contacted at

Scandic Espoo

Scandic Espoo is a hotel in the Leppävaara district of Espoo. The hotel has 96 rooms, 4 saunas, and a pool. The saunas are on the 6th floor and can accomodate 4-20 people each. The hotel also has a restaurant called Restaurant KG. It serves steaks, deli pizzas, and burger. Their website is

Nuuksio Camping

Just outside of Helsinki you can enjoy Finnish scenery complete with with serene lakes, lush forests and rugged crags. Also check out the nearby Finnish Nature Centre Haltia. Find more information at

Lakisto B&B

Within the lush, rurl landscape of northern Espoo lies Lakisto B&B, a complex with a bathroom and kitchen in each appartment. It is easily accesable through bus and road and is thirty minutes from the airport. Lakisto B&B can be contacted at